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  • We’re open! For your safety we’ve made modifications to our operations. Please be sure to review the FAQs before your visit.
    All guests, including members, must reserve tickets in advance

    Museum Exhibits and Experiences

    The Desert Museum's gardens showcase the Sonoran Desert's vibrant ecosystem and represent a variety of biotic communities found within the Sonoran Desert region.
    Visitors are able to create their own moments with these captivating creatures at our Stingray experience.
    Warden Aquarium
    Rivers to the Sea comprises two galleries featuring fresh and salt water species including those from the Gulf of California.
    Reptile, Amphibian & Invertebrate Hall
    Explore the region's amazing bio-diversity in a climate-controlled gallery.
    NASA Exhibit
    Earth Sciences Center
    Learn the region's geology in this cool, replica limestone cave. Examine minerals from the Museum's extensive collection. Check out the new exhibit revealing large-scale changes on Earth through videos from space.
    Ancient Arizona
    Ancient Arizona
    Investigate prehistoric Arizona and learn about the Museum's own dinosaur — Sonorasaurus.
    Mountain Lion
    Mountain Woodland
    This Mexican Pine-Oak woodland habitat features a mountain lion, mule deer, Mexican gray wolves, a porcupine, and a Black bear.
    Prairie Dogs
    Desert Grassland
    Stroll through towering soap tree yuccas and a variety of desert grasses interspersed with desert shrubs and succulents. Prairie dogs and Great Blue Heron ahead!
    Hikers on the trail
    Desert Loop Trail
    Encounter javelinas, coyotes, and lizards in natural settings, while learning about agave plants and native Palo Verde trees.
    Antelope Squirrel
    Life on the Rocks
    A multi-species exhibit providing an in-depth look at the habitat and species most often encountered amidst Tucson's rocky slopes. Striped skunks, a roadrunner, frogs, snakes and lizards are featured.
    Cat Canyon
    View bobcats, a gray fox, and an ocelot in natural settings.
    River Otter
    Riparian Corridor
    See a river otter, beavers, bighorn sheep, coatis, fishes and aquatic invertebrates.
    Walk-in Aviary
    Enjoy 20 species of native birds in this tranquil setting.
    Entrance to Life Underground
    Life Underground
    Discover how cool life is underground for a variety of desert species. Visit with a ringtail, kit fox, and other burrowing animals.
    Hummingbird Aviary
    Experience the antics of multiple hummingbird species! Bring your cameras as the birds seem to pose for photos!
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