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  • We’re open! For your safety we’ve made modifications to our operations. Please be sure to review the FAQs before your visit.
    All guests, including members, must reserve tickets in advance

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    For A Unique Bird Experience
    Turn your idea of a museum
    Inside Out!

    The Desert Museum is a fusion experience:
    zoo, botanical garden, art gallery & classes, natural history museum, and aquarium

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    Happening Now

    Photo of a monarch butterfly
    Photo of a wolf

    Saving Species

    Since the Desert Museum opened its doors, it has worked to protect the natural systems of the Sonoran Desert Region. Learn more about our efforts.

    Girl in Packrat Playhouse

    About the Desert Museum

    Our Mission

    We inspire people to live in harmony with the natural world by fostering love, appreciation, and understanding of the Sonoran Desert.