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  • We’re open! Masks are required at all times. All guests, including members, must reserve tickets in advance. For your safety, our experience has been modified. Learn more.

    College Visits

    We are currently accepting reservations for college group sizes up to 70 people. Please complete the request form below. Your reservation request is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation letter by email.

    We also have live virtual opportunities for schools and youth groups! Learn more about Discovering the Desert Online and Desert MuZooms!

    Special rates are available for college groups of 10 or larger with 15 day advance notice.

    The college group rate will not be honored for reservations submitted less than 15 days in advance.

    In order to receive the college group rate, the group must enter the museum at the same time. The instructor/leader should come to the ticket window to pay and check in. Payment for total group cost must be made in a single transaction. Acceptable forms of payment are Purchase Orders, MasterCard, or Visa.

    Latecomers will pay the appropriate individual rate — not the discounted rate.

    College group reservations can be scheduled online using the form below. School & Youth Groups have separate rates and separate reservation forms. Non-college groups have a separate reservation form.

    Stingray Experience

    The Gulf of California is an essential part of the Sonoran Desert. Discover our connections to the ocean with this captivating immersion experience (arms only Smile!).


    The current college group rates (for groups of 10 people or more) are:

    College Students/Instructors $8.00
    Bus/Van Drivers Free museum entrance
    Stingray Experience Open for viewing only (free)
    All others attending with the group will pay the individual rate.

    This form serves as a request for a college reservation. Please do not use this form for schools other than college. Items marked with a red asterisk (*) are required fields.

    College Name*
    Zip Code*
    For Confirmation Purposes
    (if different than above)
    Zip Code
    Trip Organizer
    (If different than
    Day Phone*
    Date of Arrival*
    The college group rate will not be honored for reservations submitted less than 15 days in advance.
    Time of Arrival*
    Number of College Students/Instructors*
    Number of vehicles you'll arrive in: Bus
    Special Instructions:

    or press to start over.

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