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  • We’re open! Masks are required at all times. All guests, including members, must reserve tickets in advance. For your safety, our experience has been modified. Learn more.

    Senior Staff and Board of Trustees

    Executive DirectorCraig Ivanyi
    Chief Financial OfficerCarolyn Carson
    Conservation Education
    & Science Director
    Debbie Colodner
    Chief Operating OfficerBrian Denham
    Director of Living Collections, Maintenance & ExhibitsStephane Poulin
    Director of PhilanthropyLynnae Wenker

    2019-2020 Board of Trustees
    Guiding our Study, Education and Stewardship

    Kerry L. Baldwin
    Michael C. Baldwin
    Craig Barker
    Kevin E. Bonine, PhD, Chair
    Stephen K. Brigham, Vice Chair
    Shane C. Burgess, DVM/PhD
    Julie N. Davey
    Lynn Ericksen
    Amy E. Fletcher
    J. Felipe Garcia
    Lisa K. Harris, PhD
    Russell L. Jones
    Angela Faith Liston
    Shannan Marty, Treasurer
    Robert F. Ojeda, PhD
    Bobby Present
    Mary V. Price, PhD
    Peter W. Salter
    John P. Schaefer, PhD
    Alexander G. Schauss, PhD
    Joan Scott, Secretary
    David Smallhouse
    Peter Wand

    Dona Pardo, PhD, Docent & Volunteer Representative

    Address for All Trustees:
    2021 N. Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona 85743

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